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58 Strong

58 Strong is a California 501c3 Nonprofit corporation.  It was created to assist the minor children that lost a parent in the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival mass shooting that occurred on October 1, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 58 Strong established a Donor Advised Charitable Fund & Fiscal Sponsorship with the largest nonprofit resource center in the nation, OneOC.  OneOC manages the accounting, legalities, donations and distributions for 58 Strong.  All donations made to 58 Strong are recognized as a 501c3 tax-deductible donation through OneOC. 

Mission Statement

To enhance the lives of the minor children left behind from the Route 91 Tragedy.


Melissa Williams, Founder


Melissa was born in Burlingame, CA. Having a father in the Military, her family frequently moved before settling in Irvine.  Melissa earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice & Law from Cal State Fullerton.  She then moved to Washington, D.C., where she earned a Master of Public Administration & Law degree from the George Washington University.  Melissa has worked in the legal system for over 12 years and she currently works in corporate law. Law, however, is not Melissa's only passion.  To say Melissa is obsessed with country music is a bit of an understatement. Route 91 is one of Melissa's favorite festivals and she attended Route 91 all four years.  After surviving the shooting,  Melissa formed 58 Strong to assist the minor children that lost a parent. "A country concert is the very last place you'd ever expect something like this to happen.  That night  was and is unspeakable.  One cannot imagine the fear, pain and heartache we experienced. We will never get over that night. We will learn how to deal and cope with it on a daily basis.  Be understanding, be kind and be there for each other. "-Melissa

Michael Hrustyk, President


Mike was born in Orange County, CA. The first son of a US Marine & Southern Belle. Mike was brought up with a sense of respect and compassion. Mike spent his childhood years in the SoCal area, but now calls Las Vegas home.  Mike worked Route 91 all four years. Having the pleasure of greeting/mingling with people as they made their way into the festival, the Route 91 family holds a special place in Mike's heart. Mike feels a sense of obligation to the people affected by the horrific events that night. On the night of the shooting, Mike suffered the loss of a close family friend, Laura Shipp. Mike’s father worked for Laura’s father and they have been close family friends for nearly 35 years.  Shortly after the shooting, Mike had an idea to get a group of Route 91 survivors together to watch his favorite team-the Los Angeles Angels. He posted his idea on Facebook as he believed this would be an excellent way for survivors to connect and begin the healing process. Melissa quickly responded "I think  we can make that happen."  Little did they know what would transpire from that post. "I am grateful to have the opportunity to give so many fabulous people a chance to rise up on June 3rd in honor of our 58 friends and family lost-Michael Hrustyk."


Tim Strauch, President/CEO, OneOC


 Tim is the President & Chief Executive Officer for OneOC in Orange County, California. He has provided strategic leadership and direction with his business management acumen to help strengthen over 950 organizations in the community.  Tim currently serves on the California Volunteers Commission as well as on various national committees and task forces with Points of Light.  With over 30 years as a successful nonprofit leader dedicated to strengthening communities, Tim has guided and empowered individuals to seek their greatest potential while making a positive difference in others. His personal mission is to maximize the human potential for greater community impact.

His areas of expertise include leadership development, operations, business growth, board development, volunteer advancement, fundraising and strategic planning.    

He earned a Masters Degree in Athletic Administration from Florida State University and completed his undergraduate work at the University of Southern California.

Valerie Fryer, Director of Finance & Business Services, OneOC


 As the Director of Finance & Business Services, Valerie Fryer has been handling the Financial, Human Resource and Business Services at OneOC since July 2007.

Valerie has over 22 years of experience as a financial analyst, internal auditor, sales and business planning manager and financial director, working for companies such as Taco Bell Corp., Pioneer Electronics and Disneyland Resort.

Randa Wren, Nonprofit Accounting Manager, OneOC


 Randa Wren has been the Bookkeeper for OneOC since December 2012.  She has over 25 years of bookkeeping experience in construction, manufacturing and publishing.  This is her first time working in the nonprofit industry. 

Dan McQuaid

Retired-2019 from OneOC

For the past 12 years, McQuaid has led OneOC in building and growing its professional services that inspire, equip and connect local nonprofits and companies to create greater social impact. Following retirement as President and CEO, Dan plans to continue supporting OneOC’s community outreach and consulting with nonprofits and companies. 

Dan has more than 35 years of nonprofit leadership experience as chief executive officer, community leader, board chairperson, organization consultant, coach and trainer. Since 2000, he has been retained as a consultant for more than 125 Southern California nonprofits, focusing on business and strategic planning, organizational development, leadership coaching, and program evaluation."  Dan and his team have  provided invaluable information and assistance to 58 Strong, and we are very grateful to have them on board.  

Happy Retirement DAN! We appreciate you so much!

58 Strong would not be where it is today without the assistance and efforts of Dan McQuaid.   While we wish him the best in retirement, we will surely miss working with him and truly wish him the best!  Thank you so very much Dan! -58 Strong.


Who is OneOC?


OneOC’s mission is “accelerating nonprofit success.” OneOC provides volunteer, training, consulting and business services for nonprofits to help them become as efficient and effective as they are passionate about their missions.  In 2018, OneOC commemorates 60 years of connecting nonprofits, companies, and volunteers together to create greater social impact for Orange County."  58 Strong is honored to work with OneOC as they have been the foundation for our success. 

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